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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tax Cut

Posted by Tariq al Haydar

J.A. Adande has presented an interesting proposition for the NBA: Do away with the luxury tax.

In this era of expansion and cost-cutting, teams are just trying to stay financially secure. Stop taxing teams excessively, or else we'll wind up with an all-star team made up entirely of expiring contracts. Long live Raef LaFrentz.


Eboy said...

Nice idea......too many deep pocketed cats that won't part with an extra dime though.

BET said...

i dont think so. Then you would end up with team A being Dwight Howard-Amare-Carmelo-Micheal Redd-Chris Paul and team B being Kendrick Perkins-Carl Landry-Tayshaun Prince-Charlie Bell - Steve Blake. Team A will be winning games by 100 points, team B will always suck.

My point is big market teams will dominate.

TADOne said...

David Stern would like to speak with you in his woodshed.

AR said...


Moose said...

Yeah, the Red Sox owners want a cap on baseball as well.