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Friday, February 20, 2009

2009 NBA MVP AWARD RACE- The Home Strrreeeeeetch!!!

Posted by Eboy

Written by Eboy

So here we are....closing in on the last 1/4 of the season....and the MVP race is going to be a major story as the season winds down......SKO needs something new in the mix too, so here we go!!!!

Let's stay straightforward shall we,


1. Lebron James
2. Dwyane Wade
3. Dwight Howard
4. Kobe Bryant
5. Chris Paul

This is an interesting race.....but not quite as close as some would make it out to be. Here's why:

Lebron James:
Lebron has just been........tremendous. He's made the Cavs into a rock solid group that plays efficient offense and lockdown D night in and night out. He has carried over his otherworldly Olympic play and has lead the (sometimes injury prone)Cavs to the 2nd best record in the league up until this point of the season. Can't hate how he's done it either.....28.4, 7.5, 7......MVP worthy, no doubt! He's beastlike night in and night out and even on his less than spectacular nights he'll still throw up 20, 9 & 9. Time for change starts this season. The Blueprint is finally in the construction phase and we can just sit back and watch the formation with admiration until the project is complete.

Dwayne Wade:
My man, D-Wade.....yeah....he's f*cking good too! Am I being a bit of a homer putting him 2nd? Probably, but 28.5, 5, 7......that
s airtight, and the Heat are respectable after being horrible just a season ago. He's been that guy every night for the Heat and he's showing no signs of letting up. It's great to see him I keep my fingers crossed that the McDavid pads stays strong in all the right spots. Plus, the future is getting brighter for the squad and it may be enough to lock up dude for the long haul and to keep his game in the MIA. Finally getting some help in the Jermaine O'Neal pickup is promising....but don't get it twisted, the Heat shine bright or fizzle-out on #3's game.

Dwight Howard:
DaHowitzer.....has been the bedrock that the Magic needed and Orlando is now in the conversation as legit contender because of it. The reason for it? The play of Dwight....rebounding....scoring....blocking shots....dude is doing it all for them. And the Magic seem to have the number of some of the best teams in the league. They're legit 'cause of the 21st century Superman. Losing his point guard for an extended period may shine the MVP light on him just a little more too. And now with the acquisition of Rafaer Alston to fill the void.....the Magic could still pose huge problems for the rest of the league's elite.

Kobe Bryant:
The Defenseless Mamba has been his normal self this season. Solid....sometimes spectacular.....and if the 61 point effort in the Garden was any sign of the future...he might be able to catapult a couple of spots in this race. But for half the season, he hasn't been as valuable as those first names mentioned. The last part of the season may play out much differently though but losing the one piece which may have put the Lakers in the drivers seat for the title may just be too much for Team No-D to overcome. HOWEVA......the rebirth of Lamar Odom has been unexpected and Gasol continues his strong play from night to they still have a solid lock on the West's top spot and if Kobe plays within the system....they'll be tough against anyone.

Chris Paul: point guard in the game and while his team has been less than spectacular, Chris is always just that....spectacular. He needs to be his absolute best night in and night out for his team to challenge any of the West's top squads. Trading Tyson Chandler and then getting him back a day later was pretty uninspiring as well, but might be the best thing for the Hornets in the long run. If his squad can somehow put it together for a strong finish and get hot at the right time....they could be a wild card, but in the meantime.....enjoy this dude. He's in a class by himself.


Justin Walsh said...

Nice to see Eboy back on the sceeeene. Check out the way he LEAN. I agree with this list 100%. You just saw it here first. Kobe Loyalist thinks LBJ is the MVP. Haha. Check out my update on the Brandon Jennings UA shoe, let me know what you think

Eboy said...

Thanks Justin. I'm off to read the UA story.

Moose said...

I agree with it 100% as well. But the "Home Steech" is gonna be pretty tough . . .

Moose said...

Thanks for the change LOL.

Eboy said...

Little well written fucker.:)

BET said...

since you wrote this but you cant say it FUCK KOBE BRYANT.

Also, new ish on Hibachi, your boy wrote it

Tariq al Hayder said...

At the start of of the season Bron was my MVP and it wasn't even close. He still is but it's closer. Let's see how the season ends, but at this point I'd still give him the award.

Hursty said...

co-sign BET (wow).
Good stuff Eboy. Someone other than Tariq really needed to pick the slack for SKO lately.

Tariq al Hayder said...

By the way, I can't believe how big of a Kobe hater you are, Eboy. I mean, seriously, Kobe is FOURTH on your ballot? And even that wouldn't be so bad if you had written something other than Kobe is "solid", and only "sometimes spectacular" and that he has such a tremendous supporting cast that should win the West if Kobe himself doesn't fuck things up.

Come on, man. Give credit where credit is due. I'm fine with you giving Bron the MVP. I'd do the same at this point, but stop being SUCH A HATER!

I'm going to rub it in so bad when the Lakers win it all in June, so just prepare yourself emotionally! :)

Moose said...

Eboy, I believe you once told me "a big part of my job is reading closely". Well, edit your frickin pieces haha. :)

Eboy said...

Tariq....I don't trust guys that forceably take woman in the anus.

joeloholic said...

Spot on, Eboy. Lebron's statistical dominance this season has translated to team success. If they give don't give it to him, it'll be plain stupid.

Honestly, I would put Dwight at 2nd over D-Wade. He's the sole reason a team like Orlando works... Orlando in a way is like a less refined version of the early David Robinson / Tim Duncan "twin towers" teams, only instead of the "twin towers" you've got just one beastly rebounding machine, in a sense that they are both just teams of dominant interior presences paired up with a plethora of very good jump shooters.

But D-Wade is putting up pre-injury numbers again. Statistically, what's crazy is that he plays like a man so much bigger, and he actually puts up near-Lebron numbers despite giving up half a foot to Bron. It seems so long ago that D-Wade got his ring, but if he keeps this up you guys'll have a legitimate shot again much sooner than later.

joeloholic said...

Also. "We got Shawn Marion b*tches!"


IMHO JO is gonna work out fine in Miami. He actually is a lot better than his numbers this season suggest, and he's got a bit of that old quickness back.

Tariq al Hayder said...


Oh, I see. So...

You let Kobe's rape charge affect your basketball analysis. That is SO true.

Except here's the thing: It f*cking SHOULDN'T.

Eboy said...

It's an American's right to choose their stances in life. That's my selection.

Tariq al Hayder said...


So an American can select Jamaal Tinsley as MVP without receiving ridicule?

Seriously dude you're not making any sense.

AR said...

Choooz ignantz,y'all.

Eboy said...

Oddly, the only one disagreeing is a foreigner, Racist dog!!

Tariq al Hayder said...


TADOne said...

E wants to go and piss off our only consistent writer. Nice.

As for Dwight: He has played great, but Jameer Nelson's emergence this season is much more of a reason for the Magic's play, IMHO.

Tariq al Hayder said...


Don't worry, Eboy doesn't piss me off. It's just that his lack of logic baffles me at times. Yeah, he BAFFLES me, he doesn't upset me. He also excites me sexually.

TADOne said...

Italian pricks have that effect on most foreigners and Jersey trailer park girls.

Eboy said...

Oddly, I could give two shits what a camel jockey and a pole pumper have to say about me.

Tariq al Hayder said...

Camel jockey. Original. You probably inhale parmesan by the pound, incidentally.

Eboy said...

Fine.....a sand pirate?