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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rankings and Whatnot.

Posted by AR

Yeah.Remember that college preview I wrote?Oh,you don't?Yeah,me neither and my apologies for that.That stupid thing called 'real life' is getting in the way lately.It's been a while since I've seen daylight,which sucks.I've been waking up in the dark and not getting home until nighttime.As a result,I've become significantly whiter.That Pat Benatar CD should be arriving in the mail any day now.ANYWAY,I did finally manage to watch some college hoops this weekend,most notably the Duke/Michigan game.Here we go.The following will be a somewhat revisionist preview.

The two main topics of conversation pre game seemed to be Steph Curry and the new 3 point line.First of all,I won't even bother to link to what I wrote about him on my old blog but suffice it to say I've been high on him for a while now.It's becoming increasingly clear that he's not just a great scorer on a low tier program.He's a star,flat out.He's proving that he can pretty much do what he pleases at the college level and although he won't be an all star at the next level,I struggle to think of a team that wouldn't want to have his range and all round scoring prowess right now.Next years draft will be interesting to say the least.We all know that a certain member of the Hoops Royal Family is a big fan of Curry and that the Cavs should probably be doing their best to keep him from becoming a Knickerbocker.Watch this space is all I'm saying.Oh and on the new 3 point line:Who cares?

This is Blake Griffin.You may not know who Blake Griffin is.You may not have even seen his face before or know what he looks like,but it is almost a guarantee,that,at one time in your life,you have been boxed out by him.Coming off the back of two consecutive 20+ rebounding games,a 26 ppg average and a 75% field goal percentage,it would apppear that Blake Griffin is,in fact,fucking serious.I may be getting far too excited about early season percentages,but watch him play,you owe it to basketball.

Let's get Ranking:
To me,it is as simple as this.UNC are number one until they prove otherwise.They didn't slip-up with Hansbrough watching on the sidelines in an exremely square-shouldered suit and with him back,they should take it up a level.Not that they have needed to so far.They managed to out-class the uber-uncomfortable basketball team that was Kentucky without taking it out of park.So far so good.

You're not going to find a more balanced and talented team than Louisville.They have it everywhere-on the inside(Samardo Samuels,Earl Clarke),on the wing(Terrence Williams) and some great guard play(Edgar Sosa and Jerry Smith).Their success this season will hinge on the development of Samardo Samuels and what Edgar Sosa decides to show up to play.If the first game of the season is anything to go by,they should be alright.

Stacked and playing well.Not much more can be asked of the Huskies at this stage.Having two genuine inside threats both averaging over ten rebounds a game will instantly make them too much for most teams.I have yet to actually watch them play because ESPN are pretty much horrible at what they do.

The LeVance Fields man crush enters it's final year and it promises to be a good one.They returned almost the entire team from last year.The same team that had realistic title aspirations until injury woes put a stop to them.They're already off to a good start,the Big east should be interesting this year,to say the least.

The only major team to be upset this year.They're good.That is all.

Dear Mr Barnes,
You have a very good team this year.Some might say a better one than last year as you don't have to overly rely on one player.The problem is,that this year,your coaching will actually matter.For the past two years you could say "Give it to Kevin or DJ and get out of the way" and something would happen.You have the makings of a possible final four team.Please don't mess things up like I know you will,

7-Michigan State
I'm going to be lazy and just say this:Unless Raymar Morgan is playing out of his skin(which at the moment,he's close to doing),this team will be majorly overrated and dissapointing.But since I think that it's a possibility that he will,I'm going to over-rate them.

Okay.I really like this team.I'll write about why at length some time when I get the chance,but it's something about the combination of brains,strength,athleticism and pencil thin volume scorers that really turns my head.Oh and their guards weigh more than their forwards.

They were good last year as mostly freshmen,they'll be good this year as mostly sophomores.Look for Robbie Hummel to make a case for Big Ten player of the year and possibly even a DickVitale man-crush "Why isn't this guy at Duke?" or something along those lines.Either way,make no mistake,these guys are dangerous.

Speaking of Mr.Vitale.Duke are good this year.Kyle Singler is gettng better.Jon Scheyer has added the customary 15 ounces of muscle,Gerald Henderson is ridiculously athletic and Nolan Smith seems legit.As always Coach Baby-Eater,uh,I mean K seems to have them well drilled and both offense and defense.Can't wait for the second round 'upset'.

You could substitute the word 'sex' in this song for the words 'Blake Griffin' or 'Stephen Curry' or you could not listen at all.

And here are the Roots for some reason:


B. Long said...

UNC is stacked like Megan Good. Nice writeup, AR. I loved the Blake Griffin intro about you have probably been blocked out by him. hilarious.

TADOne said...


TADOne said...

What was this post about again?

TADOne said...

Oh, and UCLA lost to Michigan. MICHIGAN! That is all.....