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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

O.J Did It..........Maybe.

Posted by AR

Upon first reading the recent "scandal" involving O.J Mayo,I think my reaction was similar to everyone else's.Pure and unadulterated disinterest.I was not shocked-or in the least bit surprised.I think I slightly raised an eyebrow,that was the extent of it.Was anyone shocked?I doubt it.What has this story actually taught us?It doesn't tell us anything we couldn't already assume about big time college athletes.It does however show us that the glorified stalkers,uh,I mean "investigative journalists" must have a rich and fulfilling life.Many people will be in someway up in arms about this and others will be disappointed in OJ.Maybe this disappointment is well deserved.Maybe OJ was just another all-star athlete whose earning power and superstar presence was exploited by the NBA and NCAAs hypocritical age-limit.

First off,just to add some perspective.I fully realise that it doesn't matter whether or not you agree with the NCAA rules governing these issues.I too realise that there are all types of laws and regulations in life;if you violate them, you have to be held accountable. Whether you agree or disagree with them is irrelevant. You go into these situations knowing the rules and the consequences, and choose to willingly violate them.That I get.But this does not make the NCAA rules any less money driven and hypocritical.Where is the coaches accountability?Shouldn't the program be punished more so than the player?Especially with USC's history.A player is just a mere student if you ask the NCAA,students are impressionable,it's the coaches and ADs,who get paid million to be professionals(something apparently beyond the abilities of the players) .Surely apart of their job,or at least someones job should be player welfare,making sure players stay out of trouble or at least adhere to the rules.It would be almost impossible to stop every player from breaking the rules but it wouldn't be hard to keep abreast of what is going on with the players.It definitely would not be hard for someone to notice an unpaid student walking around campus with the luxuries that OJ was alleged to have been given.Anyone else smelling this?Maybe,just maybe,the coaches and school noticed these supposed luxuries and didn't care.After all,they got their stud,he was averaging big,attendances almost doubled.If he was caught,the program wouldn't be too affected,after all they have gotten what they needed from him.He would be too busy concentrating on his actual goal to care too much,and this unpleasant yet mandatory pit-stop on the road to the NBA would be over.

It's worrying enough that this booster money is needed at all.For every OJ Mayo receiving thousands;there are a hundred lesser known players with possible pro potential playing on a low or mid major receiving less startling amounts of money from boosters so the player will remember said booster when the time comes that the player needs representation.The view that many have of D1 scholarship players having a cushy life should be put to bed,because the reality is much different.Sure schooling is paid for,but does this cure illness and the need for basic necessities?When you consider how much money a school makes by merely having a good program -the money passed down to players is nothing.Then,when you think about how much money the ADs and coaches earn,the treatment of the players is disgraceful.

Of course the reason players like Mayo are even in college is the age limit.A hypocritical rule that gives the NBA a free minor league system,the NCAA millions of dollars in jersey sales and revenue due to the allure of these marquee players,it gives programs branding,television exposure,increased attendances and at times even National Championships.Some coaches even get new contracts on the backs of these short term gold mines.What do these superstar players get out of this deal exactly?The risk of injury.It is really nice to know that the NCAA have the players best interest at heart.A player only has to attend one semester worth of classes.These players are no more attending the school they play for than the coaches.If you were to use a little bit of common sense,you might think that the NCAA would force a player who chooses to go to college to stay at least until their junior year,that way you have players who actually wants to be in college and you aren't exploiting anyone.I'm assuming that they care about this exploitation,perhaps I'm being too generous.If the NBA still refuses to allow players who elect not to go to college in the league,those players could take up short term contracts in Europe to play against better opposition than they would in college,develop their game and even gain some "life experience"(apparently a big attraction of forcing players to play in college against their will).Some kind of reform is needed and needed badly,one and dones make a mockery of common sense,basketball and college academics all at the same time,which is quite an achievement of shocking,greedy stupidity it must be said..Much like the WU,cash rules everything around the NCAA,the NBA and basketball in general these days.This is hardly news,but it is important to remember the next time you hear of a college basketball player accepting money.Remember they are making much more money(or revenue) than they are accepting.The money they are making is keeping the executives in mildly expensive suits.The players are being pimped,so when a player tries to get what he's earning.I can't be mad at him.


Eboy said...

I'm sure Jones is loving that cover right now.

TADOne said...

Great title AR. I'm so ashamed I didn't get it's 'double-meaning' when I first read it.

Young Bear said...

This cover has been making the rounds, i see (Deadspin had it as well.)

I have about a dozen of this iss in my archives, on my wife's demand. First and only time my mug will get actual press.

I have been expecting to hear the Professor on some national radio shows.

Good stuff guys, keep it up!
TAD, got a nailbiter going on so far!

TADOne said...

I'm confused? Were we just blessed by the one and only Cub Buenning?

Eboy said...

I need a cool double meaning name like Cub's!!!!!

Young Bear said...

Indeed fellas.
My 3 brothers run a couple Denver sports blogs, so I chime in there every so often under this silly moniker.

Young Bear said...

The first is all sports (hoops is oddly enough the least covered)

the latter is strictly Rockies (they are all seamheads that live within walking distance of Coors field)

TADOne said...

Good stuff Cub. Thanks for the love. So far we have had Professor and Cub bless us, so who is next? Oh, and Sam too, even though he didn't drop a comment. Thanks for the recognition guys.

Eboy said...

The term seamheads is pretty tremendous.

DP said...

I really like this blog for some odd reason. keep up the good work guys and check out mine in a couple of days. I'm trying to do the college-nba draft preview right now. AR is the man when it comes to college hoops though. O.J. sucks anyway. Kid reached his full potential when he got to the 11th grade. since then, people like Beasley, Love, Rose, and Gordon have passed him in the dust. play wit it.

Tariq al Hayder said...

Hey Cub,

I'd like to have a conversation with you about the nineties Saudi Arabia teams, especially the 94 squad.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

OJ sucks!

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