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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Memphis – The King Lives!

Posted by Eboy

written by TADOne

John Calipari is not a basketball coach, John Calipari is a salesperson. John is currently on a sales trip in San Antonio, Texas, trying to sell you on his team’s chances in this Final Four. The thing is, he is selling you a “buyer beware” label with his team. He is trying to convince you that his team is not the high dollar, expensive label Gucci suit, but the cheap, not properly sized, Men’s Wearhouse wool blend that doesn’t belong in the same closet. But are you buying that? I happen to like a great bargain.

"Basically, we've just forced our way into that talk," says John Calipari.

Yes, they have. But if you have been paying attention, they have been here all along. They didn’t get to 37-1 by accident. Despite the poor competition of their conference, the Tigers still beat good non-conference teams such as Oklahoma, Uconn, USC, Cincinnati, Georgetown, Arizona, Siena, and Gonzaga. Their only loss was against a then #2 ranked Tennessee, when the Tigers were ranked #1. It was a classic game that Memphis only lost by 4, despite being turnover prone all game. And just in the tournament alone, they have beaten Mississipi State, Michigan State, and Texas.

"Sometimes I wonder if that's their opinion or their hope," Cal inquires. "I just tell the players, 'Don't let anyone pierce your armor.' "

Experts and office bracketologists alike have designated the Tigers the most likely No. 1 seed to stumble. If it is a hope, it is a false hope. Next up for Memphis is a UCLA squad that a number of people feel will win it all. UCLA is favored, but Memphis is rolling after dismantling a very good Texas squad. This team is looking forward to silencing the UCLA faithful.

"I'm really proud of this team," he says. "Not just the starters, but the entire team. They've been friends first and teammates second all year. They have covered for each other.”

This team is a brotherhood. All the players are close and defend each other. It’s the same on the court. You can see in the way they play that they spend a lot of time together off the court. Memphis was eliminated the last two years in the tournament in the Elite Eight, finally breaking thru this year. They have the momentum and the desire to win it all. The team will be ready. And Coach Cal will probably want to win it at the line.

I'll buy that.


Eboy said...

TAD, your boy the snake oil salesman is pretty close to validating himself. Should be an interesting last two games, for sure.