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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

GOD Only Knows What They'd Be Without Love

Posted by Eboy

written by Eboy

So I was tabbed to take on the UCLA piece in regards to their chances at breaking through against Memphis and head into the NCAA title game against either the winner of the North Carolina/Kansas game. While I'm a Carolina supporter and have had THEM picked since the preseason at taking the title, I can only see one way that this group of Bruins will cut the nets after the final game and that's if Kevin Love carries the squad for two games on his pudgy shoulders like he was a modern day Larry Bird. No pressure, right?

"Well its been building up inside of me
For oh I don't know how long
I don't know why
But I keep thinking
Somethings bound to go wrong"

The Bruins have had a hard road through the tourney. Their last two games have been nail biters and now they are going against a team with 1 loss, a chip on their shoulders and enough speed to wear the Love Man down. The struggles they've run into need to be washed away in a wall of sound like a Beach Boys track. This is were individual brilliance will be at a premium. If there was one thing we learned in this seasons tournament, one hot player (thanks, Mr. Curry) can get a win or two for a squad. K Love might be able to pull that out against the Tigers. Stay out of foul trouble, control the tempo with his post game and through that big body, control the paint and turn the game a little nasty. With some help from third team All-American Darren Collison, the mild upset (yeah, I said it) could be in the works. That would be one step in the right direction for carving Love's niche in the Diaper Dandy Hall Of Fame. He would then have a couple of nights to get ready for the all out battle of premier white power players in recent NCAA history.

"You know it seems the more we talk about it
It only makes it worse to live without it
But lets talk about it
Wouldn't it be nice"

Well, since I'm pretty confident North Carolina will hold up their end of the bargain and move into the other final position for the title game, the thought of two of the premier college ballplayers in the nation, going head to head for college basketball's greatest prize, is the stuff of legend. Love, the pudgy everyman, extremely skilled, heady, seasoned beyond his years, horrible beard in place, ready to take on that other guy. Tyler Hansbrough. Psycho T. The clean cut, perfectly formed golden boy. If Carolina supporters hated Christian Laettner almost 20 years ago, Tyler must be the victim of many voodoistic rituals in the bowels of Duke dorms nightly. It would be a classic battle. The top flight athlete against the lesser sculpted gamer. Both are bruising. Both have bright futures and both would be in the spotlight that would burn brighter than ever before on either of their collegiate careers. Would Love be able to wear down Hansbrough? Possibly. Would they both cancel each other out leaving the rest of their respective squads to step up and seize the game? I think it would play out more like that. Could Ben Howland outdo Roy Williams on the games biggest stage? Hey, stranger things have happened, so you got to give the chance of it merit. The one on one battle would be 40 minutes of sheer basketball ecstasy. Love could cement his place in the hearts of all chubby dude's everywhere buy outdueling the pretty boy. That would be a blow for all underachievers everywhere and a way for the UCLA faithful to regain their footing as the most celebrated NCAAA champion ever. Do your thing, Love Man, do your thing.


Eboy said...

Yeah, that wasn't happening. Love needed some Ephederine this past week to drop some of that exces weight. Shrinking at the moment of truth, not a good look.