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Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Phoenix/Cardinal

Posted by Tariq al Haydar

by Tariq al Haydar

"I am going to get back here. I promise you that."

I remember Kurt Warner uttering those words, his eyes glimmering with the sheen of defeat. The Greatest Show on Turf had just been defeated by the upstart New England Patriots.

Now, I'm not going to wax lyrical about how Warner got back to the Super Bowl through sheer determination. I don't believe he "willed" his way back to the Game. There are many variables which determined whether or not Kurt Warner would ever play in another Super Bowl after that ill-fated 2001 edition, and the play of Warner himself was only one such variable. Although Warner certainly fulfilled his end of the bargain.

But this isn't really about Warner. It's about me. Because when I heard Warner say:
"I am going to get back here."

Here's what I thought:

"Fat chance."

I don't know why I thought that. After all, the St. Louis Rams had Marshall Faulk, Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt. They had the makings of a dynasty, but I just felt that I was witnessing the end of a cycle.

Cut to 2008.

I saw the Arizona Cardinals beat the Dallas Cowboys in impressive fashion. I enjoyed Darnell Dockett and the Cardinal defense. I really enjoyed Larry Fitzgerald. And yeah, Warner looked pretty darn good.

And then Wes Welker made those snow angels. On December 21st, the New England Patriots buried the Cards in an avalanche of touchdowns and tears. They beat them down 47-7, and after that blizzard, I wrote off the Arizona Cardinals. "They'll only make the playoffs," I thought, "because the NFC West is an armada of vaginal pretenders." Yes, my private thoughts are both vivid and vulgar.

And yet here we are, 3 games and 14 Delhomme interceptions later, with the Arizona Cardinals thisclose to greatness. Kurt Warner has the chance to cement his place in the Hall of Fame. so will the Arizona Cardinals pull off one more upset and win it all?

Fat chance.


Mizzo said...


I don't even like football anymore...

Damnit man!

Tariq al Hayder said...


That made me snort approvingly. I was pulling for the Eagles, man. Sorry!

Moose said...

What a great year . . . 2001. Super Bowl . . . Drew Bledsoe injured . . . Brady in . . . ahhhh. Great stuff, that year. My second year as a true football fan . . . . and that's why I'm pissed off that NE killed Arizona and then they got to the Super Bowl. And we didn't make the playoffs. Meh.

Moose said...

I meant football year. I didn't mean that 2001 was a good year without mention of 9/11 and all of that. It was purely from a football standpoint. I was a huge fan in Kindergarten (that's where I was). No lie. I knew all of the players, everything. Just know that in my last comment I wasn't referencing how good the YEAR was, just the football season.

Eboy said...

I know I'm rooting for the know...the whole underdog thing is enticing.

Farmer Jones said...

This is professional American football, right? I've heard of it, but am otherwise unfamiliar.

Moose said...

I agree with Eboy, but mostly because I hate the Steelers. But I love rooting for the underdogs as well. That's why sometimes the Red Sox and Pats get boring. The Celtics haven't gotten boring; just fun after all of the lean years when I was alive. Go Revs! And, for SLAM writers: We had Lang Whitaker, but you guys got Ryan Jones! Wow. Great comment as well, Mr. Jones.

Eboy said...

Ryan owes us residuals for giving him a feature interview, Moose.

Moose said...

You're right, E. I should get off my butt to do some interviews, myself.

BET said...

"14 Delhomme interceptions later"

My answer to that


But Delhomme without Steve Smith = Arena Football League backup

Tariq al Hayder said...


Did u not see the Panthers-Cards game?

bubbabetbabtabewtjawekfasdfareata said...

lets not talk about it

Eboy said...

I like that screen name, BET.

AR said...

Is it sad that the thing I'm most looking forward to in the Superbowl is Springsteen at halftime.

Moose said...