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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mustapha- Queen & Don't Front On The Funds

Posted by Eboy

Written by Eboy

In keeping with the the middle Eastern theme this week here at SKO, I figured "why not lighten it up" a little with this song from the legendary Queen.

Also, if you notice in the upper right hand corner of our main page, there is a link that allows those of us who can, the opportunity to donate to the horrors that occur to the youth of Gaza. Please, even if you are unable yourself, put the word out to others who can to help out those who cant help themselves.

Thanks and enjoy the song. My favorite part of the video comes at 1:21 to 1:23, where the camel gives me the comfort of thinking of my man Tariq.


Young Bear said...

Guys, thanks for all of your work this week.
E, I remember as a kid having to be convinced by an older brother that the song was actually by, Queen.

Hope this message finds everyone at SKO in good spirits and wellness.

Eboy said...

Hey Cub......good to see the Young Bear name around again. Hope you and the fam are fairing well with the terror called zero farenheit.

Funny son sings three songs word for word (well as well as a 4 year can handle it):

Back In Black-AC/DC(because it's the first song in the Iron man movie and I think he has seriously watched the dvd 35 times.)

Don't Stop Me Now-Queen

Bicycle Race-Queen

He's working on Bohemien Rhapsody too, but that's pretty tough.

He's not advanced yeto to Bon Jovi or Whitesnake....although he's been listening intentelly in the back seat when I have the CD's in.

Young Bear said...

Zero farenheit?? Colorado has the most seasonally (and largely slept-on)nice winter weather. It will dump about a foot and half of snow every so often, but otherwise, it is about 40-50 and sunny every day!
It is nothing like the winters that the midwest and east coast have to endure (cold, windy, icy, ugh)
Colorado is basically sun and snow in the winter, which can allow for some random AM Snowboard/PM golf combo days!

That is awesome about the music your boy likes to rock.
My now-almost 3-year daughter "sings" a funny medley of Bob songs (One Love, Could you Be Loved, Kaya) She thinks they are the same song, but can move freely between them.

"thunder bolts of lightning, very, very frightning, ME!"

She also kinda knows most of the Jungle Book songs. She's got that one around the 35 viewing mark...

Eboy said...

I just assumed you were getting hit....since you know, MSNBC and CNN makes it out that the weather in the Midwest is some form of Al Queda terrorism.

Cool about your daughter and the Bob love. Great songs all, regardless if they run on.

I might just have to leave Legend playing for the next week or two in the car to get his reggae game on.

Young Bear said...

Yeah, the weather here is a common misconception.

A Monday Night Football game in October has snow and the whole world thinks we are covered in it for the entire winter. It was probably 55 and sunny the next day and the resorts got slammed with reservations.

We are the pefect combination (in many ways) of the best of both the midwest and the west coast.

The Legend DVD was a babysitter of mine for a bit, which has led her to think that Bob is a pro soccer player, as well.

Yeah, i need to mix up the rotation in the ride (my wife and I rock dueling Subaru Outbacks-classic colorado cars.)

Eboy said...

I always wanted an Outback. Then I remembered that the only thing here that resembles a mountain is an old Shaq statue that is at a sports store in Miami.

Moose said...

Eboy, your son knows the words to "Don't Stop Me Now"? I know that it's not any "Dre Day", but dude, the songs got some suggestive undertones. Make sure he doesn't go blab that to the preschool teacher. Might as well get him started on "Fat Bottomed Girls" and "Body Language" if you're giving him the sexual Queen. :)

Eboy said...

Moose, he's MY kid, do you not think he's going to be a little madman from the jump? C'mon now.

And btw, how do you know about Queen?

Moose said...

Eboy, I'm a music guy, through and through. I know all of Queen. Throw it at me, odds are that I know it. Don't underestimate the young guys, seriously. I know a buncha tunes; I love Queen.

Moose said...

And I need your email address, Mr. Terhune. Can you hit me up?

Eboy said..., Moose.

And you don't want to get into a Queen musical battle with me Moose. Believe me. :)

Moose said...

Thanks, E. And I believe you; I doubt I could challenge you with your Queen. Check the inbox.

B. Long said...

Hey E, is it legal for a company to tell you you can't wear anything to work or have any buttons or anything with the name Obama on it to on Jan 20th. The person "requesting" this is still rocking Bush/Cheaney and McCain/Retard stickers on her SUV. Just wondering if I have a leg to stand on. Alot of people are pissed and keep asking me about it.

Eboy said...

In theory, yes it's legal. But it goes hand in hand with the discrestion fo the employer.

They have final say so in matters like that. Whereas, let's say, you walked into work with a Kobe Bryant t-shirt and someone found it offensive for his off the court alleged antics and complained about it.....the employer has the right....which should be in their personal handbook.... to ask you to either refrain from wearing the same piece of clothinig again....or they have the right to send you home for the day (paid or unpaid, depending on their determination).

In your case, I would say that the employer should release a company bulletin alluding to their employees refraining from wearing any non-work related garments, buttons, etc. that could interfere with the work habits of any other employee....basically, so they are covered and there can't be any repercussions from disgruntled employees later on.

I don't know the labor laws in the state of Louisiana, but Florida is a "right to work" state....which as you know means an employer could be sickened by that mop of yours and let you go for tht reason.....without having to give that reason to the State's unemployment board as the reason for your termination except to say "we had a business downturn or the position wasn't needed anymore".

Same would apply for the Obama situation.....if they don't like....they don't have to allow and can't be made to feel like they're slighting sucks, but that's how that shit works.

Eboy said...

Sorry for the spelling....I was working on two things at once.

B. Long said...

Thanks E.

B. Long said...

Yall better peep the new stuff at WBBL. It's long as hell but it's worth every minute reading it.

AR said...

I've been schooling Eboy on music here for years.Keep up the good work,Moose.

Moose said...

Thanks, AR. I got an early start; I gotta family full of music geeks.

Anonymous said...

Never will there be another band like Queen. I'm just sad I wasn't old enough to enjoy them when they were in their prime.

I had my dad's Queen greatest hits CD in the car's CD player for the entire summer of 2007, just for the sake of "Don't Stop Me Now" which somehow makes you want to drive faster than you should.

Big Man said...

I thought y'all only did sports over here. Look at y'all being all political and whatnot.