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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Isaac and Ismail are Brothers

Posted by Tariq al Haydar

I have nothing but love in my heart for this beautiful Jewish man:


Hursty said...

After watching the video, I am morally confused Tariq.
Is he the standard representation of an anti-zionist Jewish man?
Is he 'extremist'?
Is he just a Muslim sympathiser (that sounds crude) or someone who can see both sides of the arguement?
One thing is for sure though- he can definitely talk.
Is it actually against Judaism to oppress another country by invading?
If he is in Israel, that is extremely dangerous what he is doing.
'Israel is not a Jewish State' is what the sign says btw.

Hursty said...

The sirens going on through the whole video are crazy. I wonder whereabouts this is filmed.
'A Jew, not a Zionist'.
Tariq- why aren't there more people like this in the world that support other religions? Is it really because they are suppressed by the Israeli government?
If you can answer, or delve into, even some of the questions, then thank you.

Tariq al Hayder said...


He is an orthodox Jew who follows the Torah. His views are in line with orthodox Judaism, and he is disgusted because Zionists are using his religion to further their own agenda.

And yes, it is against Judaism to invade another country and oppress its people just like Israel has done.

And Zionists are not necessarily Jewish, either. There are Christian Zionists (the folks who REALLY want Jesus to come back real soon) and even atheist Zionists. Zionism is a political movement which masquerades as Jewish orthodoxy. And there are lots of people just like this dude. Check out the website he mentions.

I'm not sure where this was filmed.

Hursty said...

Zionism... I had thought that its base was in Isreal. Mostly Jews who lived in Israel. This is obviously incorrect.
I understand a little about Israel and the associated conflict, but not enough to understand the war/battle/events as an informed observer/commenter.
Thanks Tariq. I appreciate you posting these links very much.
btw, theres new stuff on hibachi if you wanna take a squiz.

Tariq al Hayder said...


Israel IS a Zionist entity. Part of what this Jewish man is saying is this:

Over the centuries, Jewish people have lived among Muslims and Arabs in their countries and enjoyed very prosperous lives. They were never forced to convert to Islam, they never faced anything like the Inquisition, and they never had atrocities committed against them. In fact, many prominent officers in the Islamic Caliphate were Jews, such as Maimonides, who has a statue erected of him in Spain (which was a Muslim country at one point).

As such, it is ILLEGAL for anyone claiming to be Jewish to invade and oppress a sovereign nation and people like Palestine.

But anyone Pro-Israel is, by definition, subscribing to a Zionist ideal, and that includes Israelis themselves if that applies to them.

joeloholic said...


Thank you for sharing that video. I can't agree more with that man myself.

When did we forget that we - Christians, Muslims, Jews - are brothers and sisters whose origins are deeper and older than all this aggression of late?

Many people do not know, but for hundreds and hundreds of years we've coexisted in peace in the Middle East. If I'm not mistaken, many places like Egypt (if I remember right) have even been mutual centers of cultural and religious study.

Ultimately, we are all people of the Book, are we not?

Having grown up a hemisphere away myself (like Hursty), I'm not that familiar with how and why and where it all went wrong. Yet it paralyzes me with sadness all the same.

But what do you see as a short-term and long-term solution to this, Tariq?

Hursty said...

Spain was conquered by the African Berbers right? Defended by Barbossa in Valencia by Joseph's hordes of saracens/mamelukes etc....
As an 'outsider' Joel I would say:
ceasefire straight away.
America has to blatantly stop supporting Israel so fiercely, I doubt Obama will change that part of foreign policy.
The UN has to put more pressure on un-democratic nations- like Pakistan. There's no way that that country can call itself entirely democratic or a democracy/republic etc...its just not.
My writing is incohrent on this, but I fell strongly about it.
Thanks for putting up with me here.
I want to learn more, but the social climate I'm in right now and the access to information from informed people is not what it should be.
Tariq, you're really my only informed source on this. Thankyou

Tariq al Hayder said...


In my opinion, I think that the UN should recognize that what Israel has been doing to the Palestinians is apartheid, plain and simple. I also think the only way to end the problems in the Middle East is to solve the problem of Jerusalem specifically. Take it from me, there can NEVER be peace if Muslims can't pray freely at the Aqsa Mosque. Trust me.

And I also think the influence of AIPAC should be reduced. Just look at how Obama, McCain and Hillary were quivering in fear when they met with AIPAC during the presidential campaign. I don't think lobbies should have that much power.

AR said...

I've been reading up on this recently.I can see both sides to be honest and don't think that this is genocide,apartheid or any other buzz words.

A few reasons Israel better hope they don't lose the support of the US

I also read something recently that equated support or sympathy of Europeans countries towards Palestine to Europe's history of anti-semitism and the US's support of Israel of their current and very real anti-Islamic climate.

Question for Tariq(since you're obviously closer to and more knowledgable of the conflict than us:Do you see the Palestinian people realising that electing terrorists(eg.Israel can brand the Palestinan people 'terrorist enablers' due to this) ultimately will reduce sympathy for them and put them in a disadvantage?Or do they care?