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Monday, December 22, 2008

2008 was a (TAD) bit interesting

Posted by TADOne


The year of 2008 was trial of up’s and down’s. Quite a few ‘firsts’ happened and lots of people around the world showed their true colors. With sports being a huge part of my life, I can say that it was quite an interesting year and also very entertaining. I have a ton on my plate for 2009 that is feeding into a lot that happened this year, so I’m going to get the stories that most interested me in the year of 2008 so I can have a clean slate of thoughts going forward.


Yeah, I parlayed this story WAY too much, but it truly was a monumental moment and feel that the selection of Barack Hussein Obama into the White House will have lasting effects for this generation and the generation of our children and grandchildren. While I don’t expect miracles, I do anticipate results that will positively affect a number of people in the US and also around the world.

Yeah, I don’t ask for much.

Anything Is Possible:

Yeah, Kevin Garnett is one of my favorite NBA players and watching him finally winning a championship was great to witness. It doesn’t appear he is done at 1 either.

Rising Down:

I’m a bit upset that my favorite musical group EVER will no longer be touring. I’ve lived off The Roots tirelessly doing tours, rocking crowds, blessing masses, and never doing the same routine twice. My first time witnessing this eclectic group was in the summer of ’92, a year before my junior year of high school, at the University of Delaware. I knew nothing of them and had actually went to watch a hiphop show that included Gangstarr, Group Home, Jeru, and Biz Markie. Little did I know that this group from right up the road in Philly would capture my heart and my long-standing fandom. Over time, I have seen them live almost 30 times, been to an impromptu jam session in South Philly on a hookup from a friend, and purchased every album ever done.

However, The Roots have officially announced they are no longer touring because they will be the house band for the new Jimmy Fallon late night show that is supposed to debut in 2009. I’m happy for their new success, but sad that I no longer can sit in a frenzied crown while they put a trance on all in attendance. They will be missed.

The Dark Knight:

Heath Ledger R.I.P. One of the best movies……EVER.

Perfection missed:

Eli Manning and the New York Giants put an end to an improbable run at perfection by Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. From my perch on a barstool at a packed sports bar that was evenly split 50/50 among fans, I rooted for the underdog Giants and they didn’t disappoint. Amazing game. Amazing season.

End of an Era:

I am unabashedly a University of Michigan football fan, so the retirement of Lloyd Carr and the hiring of Rich Rodriguez was a big deal in my world. Different coaches, different personalities, and totally different philosophies on the football field. It was hard to watch one of the historic football programs struggle in ’08 during this transition. I’ll be expecting much more in 2009.

The Olympics:

From USA basketball winning gold, to Michael Phelps and his fish-like existence, to Usain Bolt toying with track records, to China putting on a historic showing…..this was a truly great Olympic year. 2012 will have a hard act to follow.

What is this, the 1930’s?:

Yeah, we are officially in a recession. So, while I would love to continue this list, I’m preparing my paperwork for Canadian Citizenship and updating my resume just in case.


Moose said...

And TADOne, I'm sorry. 0-15. Do you think they can do it?

Moose said...

Eboy, you sure it's too late to give my name to your security friends? I'll be there at the time the gates open, no later. Just put your email address and I'll email you with my name/who I'm going with if it isn't too late.

Eboy said...

Moose, I only have my contacts at the arena, no personal phone numbers or anything like that that I can call into. The guys I know have worked for the Heat for a long while but I don't exchange numbers...I just see them at the games I attend.

Moose said...

Well, thanks for trying to help anyways, E. I'll try to get down to the court someway or another. And again, thanks and all.

TADOne said...

Ya'll need to keep your personal contacts and ish outta my comments. F*ckers.

Moose: Yes, the Lions are going 0-16. I honestly was gonna add that in the list, but couldn't finish just like the Lions.

Eboy said...

Go fu*k yourself, loser. Or get a couple of sports teams that are better than mine, bitch.

AR said...

TAD I was going to ask you about the Lions.How could a group of professional athletes be so bad?Surely,being paid as much as they are they would meet some sort of performance standard.You'd have to think they'd at least win one or two games by mistake.You would really have to try to be that bad.It amazes me.

TADOne said...

It amazes me too AR. And baffles me. Honestly, I want Ford Motor Company to go bellyup so that they will sell the Lions. Or maybe the old man can just pass away and his son will have the mind capacity of a fully grown adult. Either way is fine for me.

B. Long said...

At least yall got Roy Wil...Oh yeah, nevermind. 8) Good stuff, Tad. Happy Holidays.

B. Long said...

New shit on Where Basketball B Longs!

CoCo said...

I really don't understand everyone's obsession with Dark Night. That movie was longer than a mutha#$%&*# I was actually afraid it might never end. Heath was fantastic, but the rest of it was just okay.

Eboy said...

As much as I love superhero movies and thought Heath played the Joker to a t and ran that movie, I gotta go with Co Co on this. Batman sounded like he swallowed glass, homegirl (O's favorite) Maggie Gylenhall was lousy, it was tremendously long, although I did like TwoFace for a minute and the ending sucked. Oh and Batman having glowing white eyes to see in the dark was kind of ghey as well. Like the "Bette Davis Eyes" video redo.

I loved the film for what it was (the best movie in the Batman series) with easily the best villian cast for any superhero movie, but best movie EVER? What? For me Iron Man was the better film to repeat view, the Dark Knight's story was much more dark and deeper in context but I can't sit through it 5 times, like I have with Iron Man. Plus, if Heath was the best comic book villian on screen, Robert Downey did the same for Iron Man as a hero. That WAS Tony Stark in 1080p on my TV and on the big screen. Christian Bale is straight and all as Bruce Wayne, but his Batman has been too "out of focus" in the two films. Just my opinion.

BTW, you haven't watched the Godfather 1 or 2 have you? I can burn a copy and send that shit to you on the free. I can probably continue on with various other titles to get you on the best movie ever hookup if you please. Just saying.

I love you, E.

TADOne said...


I said, and I quote:

"ONE of the best movies, ever"

Not the BEST, but ONE of the best.


B. Long said...

New Blog SKOers. Pacman's Playhouse!

Moose said...

New ish on Hibachi. Also, MOOSE REVEALED!!!