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Sunday, December 21, 2008

2008 in Lists.

Posted by AR

2008 has been quite a good year for me.I managed to do very little and quite a lot similtaneously,I had a lot of first time experiences(absinthe),am now wise enough to know that Jager-bombs are the devil's work---and I bought a really nice shirt.So instead of actually really writing about anything(God forbid),I'm going to give you some random lists of things that struck,pleasured,angered me from the past twelve months.

 Top Ten Albums of 2008:

1.Vampire Weekend-Vampire Weekend
2.The Black Keys-Attack and Release
4.MGMT-Oracular Spectacular.
5.Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds-Dig,Lazarus,Dig!!!
6.TV on the Radio-Dear Science
7.Elbow-Seldom Seen Kid
8.Bon Iver-For Emma,Forever Ago.
9.The Roots-Rising Down
10.Fleet Foxes-Fleet Foxes

Hounorable Mention:
Kings of Leon-Only by the Night.
Loudon Wainwright III-Recovery

Things That Should be Killed:
Coldplay-Viva La Vida or Death(to Chris Martin)and all his friends.

Top Ten Movies of 2008

2.The Dark Knight
3.Pinneapple Express
5.Burn After Reading
6.Funny Games
7.I'm Not There
8.Man on Wire
9.Forgetting Sarah Marshall
10.Gonzo:The Life and Works of Dr.Hunter S Thompson

Wall-E is real-E good.

Sportspeople of 2008
1.Kevin Garnett
2.Christiano Ronaldo
3.Kobe Bryant
4.Padraig Harrington
5.LeBron James
6.Michael Phelps
7.Eli Manning
8.Lionel Messi
9.Usain Bolt(still suspicious)
10.Fernando Torres.

Stupid Shit of the Year:
US Presidential Election:From 'Barack Hussein High Fructose Corn Syrup Obama' being labelled a terrorist to the very existence of whatsherface,the thing was ridiculous and seemingly lasted for over 47 years.

Ireland Voting 'No' to the Lisbon Treaty:Won't bore you with the details but the phrase 'turkeys voting for Christmas' should do the job.

The sudden resurgence in population of Lakers "fans":They're freaking everywhere nowadays.Like locusts,but with less basketball knowledge.I kid.

Overall Thing of the Year:

Photo of the Year:


Moose said...

AR . . . no love for "Love Lockdown"?

Justin Walsh said...

AR, I am so glad that you included Funny Games into your list, It was one of the freakiest, sickeningly wonderful movies I have ever seen. On the Lakers fans uprising in numbers, I understand a lot of people join the bandwagon, but the same can be said for the Celtics. Wow, on both sides all of a sudden everybody has been a fan since birth, or so they say! Merry Christmas to all, and to all an Artest led fight.

Hursty said...

Fuck Vampire Weekend.Fuck Vampire Weekend.Fuck Vampire Weekend. I hate their pissy little indy, folk pop shit. I don't even know what to call it, but its crap. Really. Sorry Izzo. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds gets a 'meh' rating being Aussie, I get to hear a bunch of his work here, this isn't his best.
Love BV though, great, solid album.
HOWEVA- Absinthe is the shit dude. Can't believe it took you so long to taste 'green magic'. My man!

AR said...

Moose:I was thinking about giving Kanye an honorable mention,but the album wasn't that good.Metallica should have also been on the list,but I just forgot.

Justin:Great movie,haven't seen the original German version but I hear it's better.

Hursty: I love the anger,really I do.But if a band manages to combine African based beats,lyrics,that in the same song denounce a person putting too much importance on money AND referencing 'Get Low' by Lil'Jon and the Eastside Boys,then that's a band I'm going to listen to.Plus I really like the guitar sound.On the plus side for you,the shelf life isn't huge for a band that got so much hype and critical acclaim from its first album.They're basically fucked.

This is the first half way decent album Nick Cave has done in 10-15 years and had to be included,he's one of the best when on his game.

Eboy said...

I like how Iron Man is 4th on your movie list and when I was screaming about it before it came out, I believe you made a comment something like "that sounds like it would be the equivelant to seeing the Heat 10 times in a row without having a loaded shotgun" or something quite similar to it. Fucker.

AR said...

Although I don't believe I said THAT,I did rip on it mainly because I knew you liked it so much.It's called 'love'.You're welcome.

Hursty said...

You guys do know that there is going to be a 'League of Heroes' type of movie with Ironman, The Hulk, Superman, Batman all included right?
Proof- Watch the newest Hulk movie- with Ed Norton- and the inclusion of Robert Downey Junior at the end, and references to stone industries or whatever its called that he runs re. the super soldier. Just watch it- and the end of Ironman after the credits it has a 30 second excert. You may have seen it in movies if you were told about it by ticket sales.
They are all also owned by Marvel... coolness!

Hursty said...

I love Paidrig's inclusion in this list. no.4 to boot! Didn't know you were a rugby fan though mate.

TADOne said...

The diversity of our blog is quite amazing, since I don't know 3/4's of this shit AR is referencing on here. I'll claim ignorance. Or maybe I really am a xenophobe?

Hursty said...

Can we say both Tad?

AR said...

TAD:I doubt it's xenophobia since most of what's in this piece is American.

Call it you distaste for white people and all which they produce?

TADOne said...

Actually, that works for me. I don't like white people. Then again, I don't like anyone.