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Friday, April 4, 2008

I Don't Think We're In Kansas Anymore

Posted by Eboy

written by Eboy

Well, no one really took on the responsibility of notating the Jayhawks chances against Carolina. I figured our inital Final Four coverage should be complete by giving each team it's own little place in the sun. So here's how I see it going down.

Easy enough?

Final- Carolina 87 Kansas 78

Enjoy the games everyone.


ASPOV said...

Cute. I will be watching these games. I want to see what all the "fuss" is about Rose. Seems DWade really wants him on the Heat. If he's what's advertised, then the Heat very well could go from last to first in a very short period.

ASPOV said...

Wow, Kansas won?? Looking forward to Kansas vs. Memphis. that Rose kid looks pretty good. He's no CP3 though. But, along side Wade, he may be a keeper.

Eboy said...

What a sh*t performance buy the Tarheels. And a really good one for Kansas. Rose seemed allright, forces a ton of stuff, though. We'll see.