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Friday, April 18, 2008

Deeeetroit Baaaasketbaaaal!

Posted by TADOne

Detroit Pistons (2) vs. Philadelphia 76ers

The call themselves the “Zoo Crew”. They are a collective of players that feel as though they have been looked over or jaded at one point in their “basketball” lives. They seem to play as though they are trying to make the varsity basketball team and are afraid to make a mistake, but they also play with a certain chip on their shoulders. Not exactly the kind of makeup that you would hinge your hopes on, but the Detroit Pistons are doing exactly just that.

The Detroit Pistons bench players have named themselves as such. They are the difference between a takedown of the mighty Celtics and capturing of their 2nd championship of this decade or another long summer of “what if” questions and that bitter taste of unfulfilled potential for this veteran Pistons team. It has been said that they still have arguably the best starting 5 in the league, but you do not win in the grueling NBA playoffs without a reliable bench, especially one that can go 10 deep. Joe Dumars knew this shortcoming was there, and has built a strong core of young, hungry players that have proved ready for the postseason wars.

The Sixers started the year out in the cellar of the Atlantic Division, but really came on at the turn of the calendar year and went on a torrid pace thru January and February to get themselves into this position. This Philly is just young enough and good enough to not know their place as the underdogs in this series. They have the confidence that they can run, score, and run some more until the Pistons can no longer keep up. They also have the veteran point guard to point them in the winning direction.

This series will be highlighted by the Sixers young legs and the Pistons “core” veterans who just know how to win. The x-factor will be the “Zoo Crew” off the Pistons bench, who the up and coming Sixers have no answer for.

Prediction: Pistons in five.


Eboy said...

Detroit Basketball? Sheesh.

TADOne said...

Well, when I wrote this preview, I kept it short because I figured there wasn't much to preview on a posible sweep and I also figured Saunders would use the bench. Silly me.